True 2 Beauty believes it has hit upon one of the hottest markets in the growing over-the-counter sexual supplements industry. The company manufactures and markets a unique line of sexual enhancement products that, unlike Viagra and other big players, is made from 100% natural ingredients and is aimed at both men and women of all ages. While most major products in the sexual enhancement market target erectile dysfunction or other specific problems, True 2 Beauty products target a much wider demographic, covering a broader range of ages, regardless of whether the user has any performance issues. It’s a potentially huge worldwide market that has not been adequately addressed.

True 2 Beauty’s products include LibiGrow for men and LibiGirl for women, both designed as complex mixtures of multiple high-grade natural products, with proven enhancement capabilities and no known adverse side effects. Rather than focusing on a particular problem,with a limited audience, True 2 Beauty’s products are advertised as something to be taken “Not because you need it, because you want it”.

The company is now in the process of rapidly expanding its distribution reach, selling directly to online consumers and through tens of thousands of retail locations. It has also been growing its marketing effort, developing celebrity endorsements, event sponsorships, and mobile marketing campaigns. In conjunction with this, they have also been greatly increasing their production capacity, by a factor of nearly 20. In addition, True 2 Beauty has stated that it expects to make accretive acquisitions, though the details of such plans have not been released.

Taken together, along with the fact that demand for their products was strong even before any of these recent initiatives, forecasted sales are expected to grow significantly, with a conservative expected increase of approximately 200% over the next four years.

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