Shakira and her footballer boyfriend Gerard Pique have been very open about her pregnancy, sharing intimate photos of the pair together via social media, and even posting their baby's sonogram picture. 


Ah, there's apparently just one catch. Pique seems to have pulled a prank on fans who are eagerly awaiting the birth of the hip shaker's baby boy.


The Barcelona FC player tweeted about the birth of their son early Friday morning, but several media outlets speculated that he may have done so in commemoration of Dia de los Innocentes, or the Day of the Holy Innocentes, Spain's version of April Fool's Day, the Daily Mail reported. 


Pique first tweeted in Spanish, "Our son has been born! We are very happy! Thanks to all for your messages!"


Later, he tweeted, "It has a name! His name is Innocence! Happy Holy Innocents Day to all!"


Shakira has made no comment about the baby being born; the singer was last seen just days before Christmas, shopping in Barcelona, and still appeared very much pregnant. 


Shakira, who announced her pregnancy in September, is expected to give birth early next month, according to the Daily Mail. 


The couple said a sonogram photo shows that their first child will be a boy. They have not yet choosen a name. 


"Concerning the name, we just haven’t been able to decide. There are ridiculous names, like Ulisito, that came out of the press's need to report nonsense," Pique reportedly has said.


"There was also Biel, which we like, but I don’t think it will be that one either, or Gerard. We’ll see."