Shanghai is truly the modern face of this vast ancient nation. From

chaotic, crowded market streets to the orderly boulevards and towers of

the business mecca of new Pudong, Shanghai offers a fascinating blend

of old and new. It’s hard to believe that just over 150 years ago

Shanghai was no more than an insignificant fishing town.

By freebonbon/Flickr

The contrasts of modern Shanghai are brought into stark relief on the

banks of the Huangpu River. Walk the famous Bund, with its huge

colonial structures of the Western financial powers who developed and

divided up this city in its early days, and across the river, the

sparkling new Shanghai of Pudong, all modern steel and glass high-rise

and wide orderly avenues.

By daniel.eydt/Flickr
Shanghai’s attractions are as diverse as they are plentiful … The

charming courtyards, passageways and rockeries of the Yuan Gardens …

The bustle of the neighboring bazaar, with its lines of souvenir and

jewelers’ shops, and some of the finest dumpling and tea houses in the

city … The elegant curves of the Shanghai Museum, its modern design

holding some of the country’s most ancient and magnificent treasures …

The Jade Buddha Pagoda, with its fine Burmese white jade Buddha hidden

from the Red Guards through the Cultural Revolution. Take time to

explore the city’s many districts, each with its own flavors and

shopping temptations.