Shark Week was extended for residents of Milton, N.H., who found the rotting corpse of a blue shark in their woods, an hour's drive from any saltwater.

Lloyd Ellis, whose brother discovered the great fish, said he had never seen anything like it.

"(I've seen) garbage here and there but nothing like this, that's for sure," Ellis told Manchester station WMUR News 9.

"He happened to smell something that didn't smell right, like a dead animal or something, and he came across it Thursday night," Ellis continued.

"I can only think that either someone didn't have a license, because you have to have a license to fish the ocean, and was going to bring it home and someone said, 'Hey dude, you need a license or something like that.' Panicking, they probably said, 'Well, I guess we've got to get rid of the evidence.'"

WMUR reported that the shark was found on private property close to a majpr highway. There is a pond in town, but the nearest saltwater at New Hamphire's sea coast is more than an hour away.

Foster's Daily Democrat reports police are questioning residents for information about who might have dumped the shark in the woods. Lt. Richard Krauss said it was impossible to determine exactly how long the shark had been there.

"Due to the heat, it could have sped up the process," Lt. Krauss said.

Police have opted to leave the shark where it is and let it decompose naturally.