The Internet was reminded of the infamous beating a girl named Sharkeisha laid down in November after a Vine of a teenage girl getting hit in the head with a flying shovel went viral this week. What many people didn’t see was that “Shovel Girl,” whose real name is apparently Miranda Fugate, had been fighting with “frenemy” Emily Powers.

As with Sharkeisha, memes of “Shovel Girl” have begun to circulate the Web, along with an unfortunate death hoax, which claims the 16-year-old Springfield, Ohio, girl died shortly after she was hit in the head with the shovel. The death rumor was started by satirical website Huzlers, and the phony report easily fooled Twitter users who flooded the 140-character social media site with hastags like #RIPShovelGirl and #RIPMiranda.

Though the extended eight-minute video named "Girl Gets Hit in the Head With Shovel During Fight” has been removed from YouTube, it lives on at and World Star Hip Hop, where more than 3 million have watched it.

Sharkeisha, whose last name was never released, sucker-punched Shamichael Manuel over a boy. It’s not clear why Miranda and Emily fought, but it also seems to be over a boy. Unlike with the Sharkeisha video, the two girls knew they were going to fight and asked each other questions like their birthdates. They seemed like they would be friends, until they walk out to the center of a lush green lawn and put their fists up. No hair-pulling and scratching, they named as the rules, but no one said anything about shovel throwing.

The problem occurred when Emily was done with the fight and told Miranda to leave but she refused. She charged at Emily, which is when she picked up the shovel and threw it at her.

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