We are just four months away from another "Sharknado" season so get your chainsaws and bombs ready! The next installment in the Syfy film series, "Sharknado 4," promises more destruction and of course celebrity cameos. Fin (Ian Ziering) will be back to show people how to survive a "Sharknado" and he'll be joined by some new faces. 

Variety reports that Gary Busey has signed on for "Sharknado 4" to play the April Shepard's (Tara Reid) father, Wilford Wexler. After tackling "Dancing With the Stars" last season, Busey will try to avoid being eaten alive by sharks. Viewers will also get to meet Fin's mother, Raye (Cheryl Tiegs).

Other newcomers include Tommy Davidson ("In Living Color"), Cody Linley ("Hannah Montana"), Imani Hakim ("Everybody Hates Chris") and Masiela Lusha ("George Lopez"), reports Deadline. The film is currently in production.

While there will be some new faces appearing in the sequel, several fan favorites will also be returning aside from Fin. Fin's wife April (Reid), Fin's father Col. Gil Shepard (David Hasselhoff) and Fin and April's daughter Claudia (Ryan Newman) will all be back. When viewers last saw April in "Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!" a piece of debris from space was falling from the sky and looked like it was going to land on her. "Sharknado 4" will answer whether she survived or not based on a fan vote.

"Sharknado 4" is expected to take place five years after the shark-filled tornadoes devastated the East Coast. After a few years of no Sharknadoes, Fin and his family will once again be called upon to stop the superstorms from killing millions of people. The storms will be popping up in places that no one will expect. 

Anthony C. Ferrante, who directed the first three "Sharknado" films, helmed the fourth installment. Thunder Levin also returned as screenwriter.

"Sharknado 4" premieres in July. The film does not yet have an official title.