“Sharknado” will be returning to the small screen with fins a-blazing on Wednesday, July 30, at 9 p.m. EDT when the Syfy sequel, “Sharknado 2: The Second One,” airs. Do you think you’re ready for the fishy madness set to occur? Well, after having watched the first installment, we know there’s only one way to view the sophomore series -- and that’s with a drink in hand.

[Recap the bloody-ending of "Sharknado" here]

But don’t worry! You can participate in this drinking game, too -- that is, if you’re 21+. Otherwise, go make yourself a Shirley Temple or a nonalcoholic Bloody Mary. Those tasty, red drinks are pretty delicious. With that said, are you ready to gulp down your choice of beer like this great white swallowed Fin?:


Take a sip…

-          Every time Tara Reid screams

-          When Fin revs up his chainsaw

-          Every seriously terrible pun: (i.e. Jump the shark)

-          Any time a Sugar Ray reference is made

-          When someone’s life is saved the very last second

-          When a shark makes its way indoors

-          Every time a shark is killed with an odd object (i.e. pool stick, mini-baseball bat)

Take two sips…

-          For every celebrity cameo

-          For every non-shark death (i.e. getting impaled by a truck spike)

-          When any major New York landmark is destroyed

-          When Al Roker or Matt Lauer says “Sharknado”

-          When you see an alligator

-          When you see the subway line you take to work

Take three sips… (and raise your glass)

-          If someone is eaten by a shark

-          When a shark is killed (c’mon, they’re not so bad)

Will you be watching "Sharknado 2: The Second One"? Let us know how you're celebrating the Syfy sequel in the comments section below.