Sharon Osbourne is keeping her private life to herself. “The Talk” host took a break from the CBS talk show in the spring, but she has chosen not to reveal why she left the show.

“I thought I was ready to discuss with the world why I took a leave of absence from 'The Talk,' but on reflection, I feel that I’m not ready or strong enough right now,” Osbourne wrote on Facebook. “I will at some point, because I feel there are thousands of people out there who are going through the same thing. I want them to know they’re not on their own. We all struggle in life, no matter what our circumstance.”

Many viewers of “The Talk” didn’t know there was more to reveal. As previously reported, in May, Osbourne collapsed from exhaustion after a trip to New York and took a hiatus at the recommendation of her doctor. “Upon her return she collapsed from mental and physical fatigue. Her doctors report that she is suffering from 'extreme exhaustion' and assessed that she most likely returned to work too soon after being hospitalized recently for pneumonia,” Osbourne’s statement read.

She took a month off and returned to finish the show’s fifth season. On the air, she simply attributed her absence to “a bump in the road,” the New York Post reports.

Fans had been told to expect the 62-year-old to reveal more about her hiatus in the Season 6 premiere of “The Talk.” While she was visiting CBS’ “This Morning” on Sept. 9, she claimed that she was going to divulge the personal information. “I’m ready to talk about it,” the former reality star said. “You know, I was away six weeks, and the girls were absolutely amazing to me. And…” Osbourne seemed to get emotional, and co-host Julie Chen explained her choice.

“Everyone has been asking, even though that was months ago that you took your leave,” Chen explained. “And Sharon has made the bold decision that she is going to answer everyone’s questions.” Chen noted that the news goes “beyond” Osbourne’s past experiences with colon cancer and her double mastectomy.

Watch the interview below:

Even though she is not revealing why she temporarily left, Osbourne seems to be sticking around for “The Talk” Season 6. The show airs weekdays on CBS at 2 p.m. EDT.