The war wages on between Sherri Shepherd and Lamar Sally. The former spouses have been duking it out in court for quite some time over the child they welcomed via surrogate in the middle of their split. According to new reports, "The View" host is looking to the Supreme Court to reverse a ruling made in April 2015 which declared her the child's legal mother.

Shepherd, 48, claims the court had no right to legally declare her Lamar Sally Jr.'s mother, according to E! Online. She is using Pennsylvania law to back her case. Shepherd says that according to the state, parenthood is determined by "genetics/biology or by adoption." Shepherd and her legal team have submitted paperwork stating that the court "usurped the power of Pennsylvania law" by declaring her the child's mother.

The Supreme Court will reportedly make a decision within the next three months as to whether or not they plan to hear Shepherd's case out. Until then, her name will remain on Lamar Jr.'s birth certificate and she will continue to be responsible paying the surrogate for any and all expenses she had during the pregnancy. 

Although Shepherd is less than happy about the Supreme Court's ruling, Lamar Sr. and his team, lead by attorney Tiffany Palmer, believe "justice was served." In a statement Palmer told E! that the court ruled that Lamar Jr. "has two legal parents," adding that it was Shepherd and her client, "the two people who conceived him." The lawyer went on to say that the Supreme Court "upheld what we believe is and should be the law." Shepherd has not responded to her husband or his legal team's statement.

In September 2015, Jessica Bartholomew, Shepherd and Lamar Sr.'s surrogate, spoke out about her relationship with the couple. Her comments came just as the pair announced their separation. Bartholomew, 33, told the Daily Mail Shepherd put her and her family "through so much emotionally." She claimed the daytime TV host drained her financially, adding that she would "never trust anyone" to be their surrogate again. Bartholomew called the pregnancy "a nightmare."

Lamar Sr. and Shepherd split in March 2014 when "The View" host's husband filed for divorce. At the time he was seeking full custody of the child which Shepherd reportedly wanted nothing to do with. Shortly after the divorce announcement Shepherd came clean, revealing to fans that she had lied about wanting a child. She told People magazine she simply wanted to fix her marriage and wasn't looking to begin a family. Bartholomew responded to Shepherd's honesty saying she never would have gotten involved with the couple had she known it was an attempt to save their troubled marriage.