Sheyla Hershey, owner of the world's largest breast implants at size 38KKK, is one of a number of women whose lives have been saved by breast implants.

The massive funbags saved the Brazilian model's life by acting as air bags during a car crash after a Texas Super Bowl party on Sunday. 

And Hershey is not the first woman to be saved from death by car crash by large breast implants, as the trend was apparently started in 2006 by a buxom Bulgarian babe.

Implants have also saved one woman from being killed by a blue marlin and another by a bullet, as you will learn in this intriguing photo slideshow.

In the video below, you can watch Denise, the woman whose breast implant saved her from being killed by a blue marlin, being attacked by the fish while at sea, then hear how she was saved by her massive mammaries: