A shirtless photo of FBI agent Fred Humphries that he sent to Jill Kelley leaked Thursday after his involvement in the David Petraeus sex scandal was revealed. The photo, which depicts Humphries  standing between two muscular mannequins, was released by the Seattle Times.

Humphries became publicly involved in the Petraeus scandal when it was revealed that he had sent the shirtless photo, among others, to Jill Kelley, the so-called “other other woman” of the Petraeus sex scandal. Humphries was also the first FBI agent to call for an investigation into Petraeus’ affair with Paula Broadwell.

Kelley, a “social liaison” for MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Fla., complained to Humphries that she was receiving numerous threatening emails, later revealed to be from Broadwell. Broadwell was reportedly jealous that Kelley had been receiving attention from Petraeus and began sending her harassing emails ordering her to stay away from him.

Once news broke that Humphries had been investigating the Petraeus affair, it was also revealed that Humphries had sent the aforementioned shirtless photo to Kelly. But Humphries' lawyer said the photo was sent years ago and was not sexual in nature.

"It was sent as part of a larger context of what I would call social relations in which the families would exchange numerous photos of each other," Lawrence Berger of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association told the New York Times.

Kelley has also drawn four-star Gen. John Allen into the scandal as well after it was revealed that they exchanged 20,000 to 30,000 pages of emails, many of which were considered highly inappropriate and flirtatious, if not explicitly sexual.