The technical setups in these charts have thus far kept me from losing much on the short side - highlighting an advantage of shorting weak stocks rather than indexes that are currently on meth.  The Russell 2000 is on track for a 15% gain in a month (double the S&P 500 return in that time)... that's usually a good year's worth of returns.

With that said, I can see Magical Markup Monday across the bow, and I am almost guaranteed to be stopped out first thing Monday morning.  Will they have no shame and mark us up yet again in premarket after a huge week? 

I'll keep the flag posted for the few bears who still have a few tufts of hair remaining that have yet to be scalded off their body by the powers that be.  Monday morning, I shall take those stop losses with dignity....

On a serious note - the market has to go down at some point.  Right?  (someone call Larry Summers and ask)

Short all 3 names above for some crazy reason in fund; no personal position