Reality TV star and omnipresent papparrazi victim, Kim Kardsashian has

launched, an online shoe society that gives its

customers their own set of stylists!

For only $39 a month, members of Shoedazzle get a team of

professional stylists, including Kim Kardashian herself, to pick out

the pair of shoes that best match your style. Other members of the

style team include stylists with a long history of styling everyone

from industry professionals to ordinary folks.

The Kardashian sisters have long been fashion fans and even have their

own high-fashion boutique located in Calabassas, just outside of Los

Angeles. Shoedazzle is an expansion of Kim's personal interest in

high-style, allowing everyone to get to wear the latest shoe styles for

the very affordable price of only $39 a month.

The program is easy. On the site, you answer a few questions

regarding your personal style. Then the stylist team picks five shoes

that they think best match you. You have the option to pick a pair to

wear for the month, or have them find more options for you. The program

is flexible, allowing you to purchase more than one pair of shoes in a

month, or allowing you to skip a month.

The wide range of styles and colors include everything from strappy high-heels to open-toed flats, wedges and booties.

If you're looking for a way to keep up with style icons like the

Kardashians, and still have money leftover, Shoedazzle is definitely a

great way to get started on luxury footwear.