BadFly's “Dead Effect,” a zombies and robots in space shoot-'em-up, connected with people immediately. So for an encore, the developer is teaming up with Nvidia to bring fans “Dead Effect 2,” which apparently will feature better graphics and even more zombies and gore in space for fans to enjoy.

Not only has the developer promised more zombies and robots to kill, but it also is boasting more weapons. Though not all of the weapons have been confirmed, Touch Arcade managed to uncover one of the new weapons, a shuriken.

The game’s story is set in the distant future and has the player control a living weapon ruled by the ESS Meridian ship. However, conflict ensues and the ship no longer has control over the protagonist, who must confront an unexpected danger while also taking on various zombies and robots in space.

Graphics might be improved as hinted by Touch Arcade, which should probably come as a surprise to fans who already have played the first game. The original “Dead Effect” featured console quality graphics and precise touch-screen controls for a mobile first-person shooter or mobile FPS, so the fact the sequel may improve on that with better lighting and more detailed settings is impressive.

Not much else is known about “Dead Effect 2” though the developers are assuring fans they are trying to create a new generation of mobile action shooters. It seems possible because after all, the original “Dead Effect” did well enough with fans and critics, garnering high scores from Touch Arcade and users of Google Play.

“Dead Effect 2” is currently being worked on for iOS and Android devices, with a possible fall release date. According to the official “Dead Effect 2” website, BadFly is also developing the game for the new announced SHIELD console with X1 chip. It’s unsure if the sequel will also be free-to-play like the original “Dead Effect” was when it launched.

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Dead Effect 2 - Teaser (Credit: YouTube/BadFly Interactive)