I did a short interview over at Wall St. Cheat Sheet blog that was posted this week; the link can be found here. We did not have a chance to do the full kahuna so perhaps a secondary interview will be coming in the months to come.

More interesting than myself are some other well known names - first, a lengthy interview with the godfather of financial blogging - Barry Ritholtz: part 1 and part 2. Barry of course runs The Big Picture. One thing about writing a blog, is it is time consuming so I don't have much time to read other people's blogs, but when I did Barry's was always a top choice.

They have also interviewed Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi, who aside from Vanity Fair appear to be the few in well known magazines to be doing a lot better job of scratching under the surface of Wall Street than the corporate controlled mainstream media outlets. I am sure that is just happenstance. [Jun 25, 2009: Rolling Stone - Goldman Sachs, The Wall Street Bubble Mafia] and [Mar 19, 2009: AIG - The Big Takover]

Last, if you are of the venture capital bent, an indepth interview with Howard Lindzon of the creatively named HowardLindzon.com.

But back to focusing on myself....


Speaking of Barry he seems to have a found a rogue CNBC home page [click to enlarge] - my favorite part have to be the tabs across the top. [to properly cite this one I see a reader of ZeroHedge created it] ;)