If you still don't know who Janice Dickinson is, this should slightly remind you: A successful American model throughout the 70s and 80s who has everlastingly claimed to be the first supermodel and is capable of carrying out odd acts in order to capture any media attention. 

In one of her latest odd occurences, Dickinson was found to cause  great commotion in a restaurant after she had lost her fake teeth she had wrapped in a napkin. After requesting help from her companion diners and arguably causing a whirlwind of ambient distraction, she finally found them on the floor.

Yes, this 56 year old actress and model could've been testing her bodily charms recently as she was reportedly posing nude with someone shooting the camera at her. What is surprising about this however is not what you see or get in the pictures but how the keywords 'Janice Dickinson' reached  number 11 on Google Trends today (at approx. 2pm PDT).