Sony recently announced that HBO and Cinemax will soon be added to its standalone TV streaming service, PlayStation Vue. Turns out, the addition of those services came much sooner than we all thought because some Reddit users are already claiming that they have been able to add-on HBO and Cinemax Now to their  Vue package through the website. 

Reddit user Pipboy3500 posted, “There is a new package called Ultra Slim. It bundles in Showtime, and HBO. The cost is $65. Edit 1: Vue comes up as a provider for the HBO Now app, not HBO GO. It is having difficulties acquiring the info, atm so wait for an hour or so. Edit 2: able to login to HBO Now with no problems using my Vue info.”

Both networks will cost $15 each on top of what Vue package customer are already subscribed to. You will also have the option of getting either HBO or Cinemax through view with no bundle attached. HBO and Cinemax will offer live programming when streaming from Sony’s Vue app, and will be able to watch HBO Now app for PS4 and PS3.

Sony just announced their new PlayStation Vue plan, Ultra, which will be available to users today. According to a blog post, “Ultra includes HBO and Showtime, plus all the 100+ channels from Elite available for $64.99 or $74.99 per month depending on location.”

Sony is offering four different packages including Access, Core, Elite and Ultra. Access comes with 55+ channels, including live cable TV, hit movies and sports channels. Core package offers more than 70+ channels, including the channels from Access and live coverage from national and sports networks. Elite offers more than 100+ channels, but also includes more movies, entertainment, and channels. Ultra offers HBO, Showtime, plus 100+ channels from Elite. You can see all of the different pricing plans for all of the packages here.