An impulsive fan tried to grab Taylor Swift during a Tuesday concert performance in Edmonton, Canada.

The pop singer looked horrified, E!News stated, when an overzealous man wearing a white shirt lunged at her while she was on-stage. The incident was captured on video by Instagram user “allenavw,” who shared the clip on the social media site. The short clip started with Swift kneeling on the stage while singing her hit song “Bad Blood.”  After she stood up, a man lunged toward the stage and tried to grab the singer’s leather-clad leg, just above the ankle. Swift was startled by the incident and looked visibly shaken. The singer also glared down at the impulsive fan, while a security guard walked immediately toward the man. After a few seconds, the star continued singing and resumed the show. 

The video was captioned, "Some crazy town grabbed at Swifty Swift tonight!  Jeez buddy, keep your hands to yourself. Glad security was on him right away and of course Taylor carried on like a pro!"

Another video taken by Youtube user “Ana swift” showed the same footage but taken at the side of the stage. The clip showed two people actually tried to grab Swift on stage, but only one managed to lunge at the star.  The two were immediately restrained by the security guards and escorted outside the concert area. 

Swift did not comment on the incident, although she shared a picture on Instagram Tuesday, which showed her performing.  She captioned the image, “Thanks Edmonton--tonight was insanely fun and I can't wait to be back on your stage tomorrow night!”

Meanwhile, some Swifties hearts were broken Tuesday, when they learned that their tickets for Swift’s 1989 concert were fake. According to the Edmonton Sun, several fans became victims of a ticket fraud scam, wherein legitimate tickets were mass produced and sold to unsuspecting Swifties.  The incidents were already reported to the police.

In happier news, the “Bad Blood” crooner’s 1989 World Tour is currently at the top list of Hot Tours for the week, Billboard reported. Swift’s 1989 concerts have raked in $28 million in sales covering five shows at three of the tour’s 17 North American stadiums on the tour schedule. So far, the singer’s concert tour has grossed $86.2 million at 20 performances in the U.S. and Canada, according to AEG Live’s The Messina Group, tour producer and promoter.

Swift still has 25 cities to visit on the tour’s North American leg, as well as a few Canada performances before ending her 1989 World Tour in October.

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