With apologies to Shakespeare, in 22 hours we have our answer...

To give them endless more free punch  OR to actually let the reckless teenagers of the market know that one day the central bank might actually act like an adult .... THAT is the question

The showdown between bulls and bears will commence at 2:15 PM tomorrow....

.... at which time we all act like lemmimgs herking and kerking the market around as if 2 words in a statement will change the destin of the galaxy.  We sit right below the 50 day moving average.  All it will take is Father Ben Bernanke to bless his minions with endlessly more free money for an extended period of time and we can post more bear hides to the wall.

Then after acting in a mindless manner for 105 minutes Wednesday afternoon, we will forget about it by Thursday and repeat the whole exercise premarket Friday at 8:30 AM.

Such is life in the computerized, HAL9000 driven casino stock market where long term means 8 minutes.

I, Mark, do solemnly swear to follow PhD programmed algorithms in whatever direction they determine that 2 words in a Fed statement here or 28,000 jobsplus or minus  there, shall deem us worthy to go.  I shall then chant the market knows all and as long as the market goes up, all is right with the economy as my dogma handbook says, while smiling for CNBC.