Shrink Nanotechnologies, Inc. announced on Friday that they filed additional patent applications on their landmark solar concentrator technology. This is in addition to the solar concentrator application, which underwent filing by their major California public university licensor.

Shrink Nanotechnologies has the exclusive rights to develop and commercialize products based on a patent-pending Quantum Dot Solar Concentrator technology. This technology enhances existing silicon-based photovoltaic (PV) systems and the ability for these systems to absorb sunlight and convert it to electricity.

Mark L. Baum, CEO of Shrink Nanotechnologies, Inc., said, “Quantum dot-polymer and other QD impregnated materials have the promise of increasing the efficiency and power generated from traditional solar cells. These silicon-based systems will be optimized with additional development in order to maximize the output of legacy silicon-based PV systems. Leveraging our exclusive rights to patent-pending technologies through our university licensors as well as the rights which we believe will be afforded to Shrink as this new patent application makes its way through the United States Patent & Trademark Office, Shrink intends to bring to market the next generation of ultra-functional non-optical solar concentrators which will be branded and marketed through a soon-to-be-announced branding and related marketing campaign.”

Shrink Scientific Advisory Board Member, Dr. Sayantani Ghosh and Shrink’s Scientific Founder Dr. Michelle Khine invented the core technology. In 2009, Dr. Michelle Khine, Ph.D., was named by MIT Technology Review as one of the top 35 global innovators under the age of 35.

Shrink Nanotechnologies, Inc. is a nanotechnology company that bases their products on a pre-stressed plastic called NanoShrink™, and on a patent-pending manufacturing process called the ShrinkChip Manufacturing Solution™. Shrink Nanotechnologies, Inc. is a first of its kind FIGA™ organization. FIGA companies bring together different contributions from leaders in the areas of finance, industry, government, and academia. The Company designs their technologies and solutions to be ultra-functional and mechanically superior in the solar energy, environmental detection, stem cell research tools and biotechnology device markets.