One company that is starting to capture the imagination of investors is Shrink Nanotechnologies, Inc. Located in Carlsbad, California, Shrink is a one-of-a-kind FIGA organization which focuses on leveraging contributions from experts in the fields of Finance, Industry, Government and Academia (FIGA). Today, Shrink took a major step towards enhancing its future with the announcement that their Biotech R & D Group has filed a patent on a rapid prototyping system for the manufacture of microfluidic chips, or Lab-on-a-Chip (LOC) devices.

The patent will allow Shrink to make its presence felt in the biochip market which has evolved into a $2.6 billion market in 2009 and is expected to grow to $5.9 billion by 2014, representing an annual growth rate of 18%.

With the utilization of Shrink’s state-of-the-art rapid protyping solutions, even the most sophisticated three dimensional biochips can be developed with precise specifications and ease-of-use compared to current production methods that require many hours, day or even weeks of painstaking manual labor and expensive clean room equipment and/or robotics required to maintain a sterile environment.

Leading the way at Shrink Nanotechnologies is Mark L. Baum who serves as the CEO of the emerging company. Baum was quoted as saying, “Our inexpensive, rapid prototyping solution provides us with first-mover advantage to capitalize on the emerging market demand for more cost-effective and scalable medical device and cellular biology prototyping tools. Large-scale institutions, research labs and higher education have yet to take full advantage of the benefits of LOC due to the high-cost and labor intensive process of producing these devices. Our desktop and customizable solution can increase the accessibility to the tools researchers need to accelerate the time-to-market for novel therapies that may ultimately find cures to diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, and many other deadly diseases.”

Currently, Shrink Nanotechnologies is trading in the $0.18 range. With the possibilities presented by the rapid prototyping system and an array of positive developments within their pipeline, Shrink is a company to keep an eye on. To learn more about Shrink Nanotechnologies, visit their website at: