Shuaiyi International New Resources Development Inc. is a leading nutraceutical company focusing on the development of engineered “Cordyceps Militaris” products in China. The company has about a 19% share for such products in China, with a distribution network in more than ten Chinaese provinces.

The company’s products are based on a fungus that is typically found in north-eastern mountainous China. Shuaiyi specializes in developing, processing, marketing and distributing a variety of agricultural and nutraceutical products consisting of dry Cordyceps Militaris, organic and speciality food and beverage products.

Shuaiyi International announced today the appointment of Mr. Daniel K. Lee as its new chief financial officer to replace Mr. Xianfeng Han. The company has entered into a 3.5-year employment agreement with Mr. Lee. Mr. Lee has extensive financial and investment experience with US financial institutions including Morgan Stanley, Roth Capital Partners and Punk, Ziegel & Knoell.

Mr. Lee brings to the table strong experience in international capital markets along with an in-depth understanding of the strategic dynamics in the Chinese consumer food market. In the words of Shuaiyi International CEO, Ms. Lianyun Han, his appointment to the CFO position “should help our company in realizing its full potential as it aims to be a world-class consumer nutraceutical & beverage company.” His goal will be to expand gross margins in the company’s nutraceutical product segment and to expand volume growth in its consumer beverage business.