There has been very little to work with in regard to sustainable forex price movement on Tuesday, with aussie and yen the two pairs that have moved overnight, and they have not gone too far from where they started. When looking at how much global equities have dropped it would be expected that the Usd would have gained on the major pairs as the flight to safety took place, but that is not happening; the dollar is not getting bought in great numbers, and in reality is a long way fundamentally from where it has been over the last twelve months in the sane circumstances. Unless the Asian ranges get broken there is nothing here to work with.

Euro needs to drop under 1.3000 for a 75 pip move, cable has the same drop if 1.4500 breaks, swissy and cad look stuck, and aussie needs the momentum of 0.7000 breaking. It really looks as though the market is waiting for Wednesday, and the FOMC rate decision, because in months gone by the dollar would have been heavily bought in this situation.