Sillenger Exploration Corp.,, is a mineral exploration and claims management firm driven by an evolved business model which is squarely focused on growing shareholder equity through acquisition and development of opportunities with strong fundamentals (primarily targeting the rich reserves of Africa at this time).

The Company announced today that it has entered into a contract with the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea to conduct a massive aerial survey project .

Via Sillenger’s strong ties with its affiliates in Africa and at FCMI Global Inc., SLGX has secured the exploration mining concessions, including oil and gas, revealed by the survey, which will cover Equatorial Guinea’s entire Rio Muni region (27,000 sq. km) and an additional 4,500 sq. km area off the Atlantic coastline.

Guinea’s government is acutely interested in developing mining infrastructure as a way to diversify its economy. This survey will be a means of creating a rich geological and geophysical database for enabling better exploitation of existing reserves, from hydrocarbons to water.

General Director of Mines and Quarries at Guinea’s Ministry of Mines, Industry and Energy (MMIE), Diosdado Engono Bengono, called it an honor to work with SLGX in creating this agreement, and indicated that this was a breakthrough opportunity for the nation to move to the next level through vastly improved utilization of natural resources.

Bengono noted the multiple business opportunities this agreement would foster, and looked forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship that should see the addition of many jobs as the natural resource industry architecture is constructed.

President and CEO SLGX, Mr. John Gillespie, observed that this situation is win-win, presenting abundant opportunity for both parties, and expressed both his and the Company’s feeling of honor at being chosen to help the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea put down new roots into this vital sector.

The MMIE has equipped SLGX with extant resource data which is being perused by the Company’s Director of Exploration, Dr. Allan Juhas, Ph.D., contingent to the fast-tracking process developed with the Government (the Sillenger CLP Claims Licensing Program®).

The airborne geophysical survey is slated to commence this July, and all of the prerequisite documentation, licensing and permitting has been filed.