Lately, we’ve all had lots of bad news as we’ve watched the stock
market tank, heard about financial scandals in the media and observed
our friends and family lose their jobs. This daily barrage of
negativity takes its toll on our morale and daily disposition. But it’s
not all bad news out there!

Last week’s stock market rally provided a glimmer of hope that we
may have reached the bottom of this downturn. Furthermore, savvy
shoppers are realizing that there are some unprecedented deals to be
had right now. Retailers need to drum up business, and many are
slashing prices on stock to encourage customers to spend money.

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Many people are out of work and the rest of us are tightening our
belts, but the truth is that for those of us who are still employed,
one of the best ways for us to help improve the economic situation is
to continue to patronize our favorite businesses. So, why don’t you
treat yourself to some well earned luxuries at unprecedented savings?
You’ll be doing your part to keep the wheels of our economy turning,
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