Silver Pearl Enterprises Inc. (to be renamed Keyuan International Group Limited), a leading independent manufacturer and supplier of various petrochemical products in China, today announced it has retained Hampton Growth for its investor relations services and to support international market reach.

Hampton is expected to correlate with and complement actions of HC International Inc., which will provide traditional investor relations activities and institutional investor management for the company.

“We are excited to be working with Hampton Growth and look forward to them assisting us to maximize the value of our enterprise by providing exposure to their vast network of retail brokerage firms and Asian investors,” Chunfeng Tao, chairman, CEO, and president Keyuan stated in the press release. “Hampton Growth’s experience in working with Chinese industrial firms and their presence on the ground will be a valuable asset to us following our reverse merger and recent private placement.”

Keyuan’s products include various chemicals used in a variety of industrial applications and products, including paint, ink, packaging and construction materials, pesticides, household detergents, electronic parts and home furnishings.

The company recently completed a $23.2 million private placement and plans to use the net proceeds to expand its facility, which has as 550,000 metric tons of production capacity.

Robert Haag, managing director of Hampton Growth, gave positive remarks for Keyuan’s current manufacturing facility and said he is confident the company is equipped to face challenges in the market and to capitalize on the growth in the industry.

“I was very impressed when I visited Keyuan’s facility in March and we are highly confident that their experienced management team is well positioned to take advantage of the growing market for petrochemicals in China and significantly increase shareholder value. Our multination team, based in China and USA, will be able to assist Keyuan to build visibility and support by introducing the Company to key market participants in Asia, Europe and the USA focused on high growth equities in China,” Haag stated.