"The Simpsons" has turned its sharp satirical eye toward Republican strategist Karl Rove on the latest episode. Rove was the source behind Bart Simpson's blackboard punishment this time.

In the opening of each episode of “The Simpsons,” Bart, as a punishment, has to repeatedly write something on the blackboard. It's a long-running staple on the hit animated show, and “The Simpsons” used the space Sunday to take a jab at Karl Rove's televised meltdown on Election Night.

On the blackboard, Bart can be seen writing, “I will not concede the election till Karl Rove gives me permission.” Rove became the center of attention, and a punching bag for many, due to his on-air refusal to let Fox News call Ohio, and the election, for President Barack Obama. Rove did not back down from his stance, clearly becoming agitated as he wanted the all the votes in Ohio to be counted before he would make the call for Obama. He made Megyn Kelly march down a hallway and confirm the call with Fox's number-crunchers -- all shown on the air.

Rove's bizarre stunt became the widely ridiculed centerpiece of Fox News' election coverage.

“The Simpsons” have never shied away from political commentary, and the jab at Rove is the latest example. Earlier, Mitt Romney was the focal point of earlier attacks from “The Simpsons” although he did get an endorsement from Mr. Burns. The many hot-button issues “The Simpsons” has tackled during its 24 season on Fox include environmentalism, immigration and religion.

You can view the opening segment of “The Simpsons” featuring Karl Rove below.