Simtrol, Inc. believes it is well-positioned to capitalize on the $100+ billion in Education stimulus funds that are part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009. The Recovery Act has allocated funds designed to fund education-specific initiatives to boost student achievement and teacher effectiveness by targeting improvements in areas such as technology, professional development, collection and use of data, and modernization of facilities.

“In order to achieve maximum results, ARRA-funded solutions should be innovative, scalable and sustainable - objectives perfectly in line with our capabilities,” commented Oliver Cooper, Simtrol Chief Executive Officer. “Simtrol’s software provides data that help school districts maximize the use of technology to improve student achievement and to strategically identify opportunities for professional development.”

He added, “Our software also enables districts to minimize energy consumption and streamline maintenance activities of technology-rich classrooms, thereby lowering operating costs for the schools while advancing the ‘green’ initiatives of the stimulus package. I am excited about Simtrol’s opportunity to contribute to the educational reform efforts currently underway.”