SpaCapsule, the flagship product of Simulated Environment Concepts, has long been known as the premier integrated massage and sensory stimulation system for addressing stress and body aches. It’s been distributed in so many countries around the world that the company now guarantees to provide the touch screen interface in virtually any language.

But all of that is being eclipsed by the growing response generated from research conducted by Dermscan, the well-known French testing and efficacy verification laboratory. In an eye-opening study, the independent laboratory found that SpaCapsule is in fact a powerful tool in promoting weight loss, cellulite reduction, and overall body toning. Specifically, the study showed, after only 20 sessions with SpaCapsule:

• Significant weight loss recorded and measured in 87% of subjects
• Significant decrease of hips perimeter in 73% of subjects
• Significant decrease of stomach perimeter in 67% of subjects
• Significant decrease in thighs perimeter in 73% of subjects
• Improvement in reported skin elasticity in 80% of subjects
• Improvement in reported skin texture in 94% of subjects

SpaCapsule, once targeting primarily luxury spas and doctors’ offices as an anti-stress solution, now finds interest growing in the fitness center sector. An example is the BodySmart franchise, where SpaCapsule is now considered a therapy for people with cellulite problems, and is regularly incorporated into their workout regimens. Dr. Ilya Spivak, co-inventor of SpaCapsule, is now willing to say that the system “can greatly assist with achieving weight loss goals as a standalone device”.

SE Concepts anticipates increasing demand in the gym and fitness center market as the news continues to spread. As a result, the company expects to develop strategic relationships and co-branding partnerships with fitness franchises and related businesses throughout the world.

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