Simulated Environment Concepts, founded and continually organized towards new technological innovations by physicians Dr. Ella Frenkel and Dr. Ilya Spivak, is powered by some of the greatest engineering/designing minds of the modern era, bringing the sleek lines and technical precision of brands like Mercedes-Benz™ automobiles and Stingray® boats to the crafting of the Company’s flagship SpaCapsule® product, an incredible full spectrum fusion of dry aqua massage and relaxation therapies.

It looks like a virtual reality simulator, or maybe some kind of deep-dive interfacing system used to navigate an intergalactic starship, but the SpaCapsule is really a self-contained relaxation station. The core feature is the dry aqua massage (completely self-contained with no plumbing hookup required) performed by an array of computer controlled pressure jets which elegantly simulate the feeling of an actual massage therapy session with an expert masseuse, all without taking off any clothing and at a fraction of the cost. While receiving the massage a combination of aromatherapy and sophisticated audio visual stimuli help to soothe and/or energize, nurturing the user so they can attain the peak of performance in other activities.

The SpaCapsule is thus readily usable for either personal (home/office) use or as a sort of ultra-modern vending machine. This concept has been emphasized by the designers and the machines have a fully integrated onboard computer system which handles both systems configuration and networking for point of sale or distributed token sales functionality.

Needless to say this idea is making a massive impact upon retail businesses like medical offices, health clubs/gyms, salons and tanning salons, but is also making a significant impact in emerging locations like malls and hotels, which are adopting the system as they see its customer-retention possibilities realized.

When compared with Aqua Massage International (AMI), the SpaCapsule stands out instantly. The SpaCapsule is sleek, lightweight, can be completely customized before delivery and offers a complete package relaxation solution with a much smaller footprint, superior pressure jet systems and computerization (both in terms of control of the jets and in terms of ease of use). Furthermore, because the SpaCapsule was designed to be readily utilized as a retail station, complete with connections for the user to plug in their own peripheral audio/video device (iPod etc.) as an alternative to the sophisticated onboard bundle, it allows for rapid profiles to be used, meaning individual users can tailor and save a custom experience.

The SpaCapsule crushes competitor AMI’s products handedly in the retail space and shows great promise for uptake throughout corporate centers of companies like Google, IBM, Delta Airlines and others who seek to provide such services for maximizing employee productivity.

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