Simulated Environment Concepts, the manufacturer and developer of medical, aesthetic and wellness equipment, announced this morning that medical applications of the SpaCapsule have surged as physicians and health professionals worldwide incorporate the equipment into rehabilitation, wellness and physical therapy practices.

“We’re continually receiving orders from physical therapists, chiropractors and even cosmetic surgeons, all who have seen an increase in patient satisfaction as a result of the SpaCapsule treatment,” commented Dr. Ella Frenkel, President & CEO of Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc. (SE Concepts). “The patients using SpaCapsule can expect improvements in increased circulation, lymph draining, and an overall reduction in stress and muscle tension, not to mention weight loss and anti-cellulite benefits recently documented by the Dermscan study.”

Even greater global sales interest is anticipated as SpaCapsule treatments are currently covered by most major medical insurances and the capsule may soon receive FDA registration. By serving more patients effectively, in a less labor intensive and cost efficient manner, practices benefit from greater revenues while providing a new, highly attractive therapeutic service.

Dr. Sean Ponce, a cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon in Sandy, Utah, stated, “SpaCapsule is an incredible fusion of the technologically advanced, modern materials, and ancient, time tested healing methods of Hydro Massage and Aromatherapy. In combination with Audio-Visual Stimulation, the SpaCapsule is the most progressive and effective de-stressing aqua massage device in the world.”

Dr. Lloyd Morris, a chiropractic physician practicing in Hallandale Beach, Florida, said, “We began using SpaCapsule for our personal injury patients whose muscles underwent a great deal of spasm and patients who generally suffered from acute back and neck pain. What we noticed was the massage given by SpaCapsule helped to break down certain tissues and acids present in the muscles, causing steady and sustained relief for our patients.”

SE Concepts’ global medical appeal was clearly demonstrated when its SpaCapsule was presented at the tradeshow hosted by Salon Rééducca, in Paris, France – a show dedicated to Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Practices – where over 200 physiotherapists tested SpaCapsule. According to the company, onsite sales were made and pre-orders were placed for 2011.

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