Simulated Environment Concepts, the manufacturer and developer of SpaCapsule, announced this morning that it has made the first delivery of the SpaCapsule to Elements Diet and Fitness, a women’s health and fitness center, in step with the co-branding preferred vendor’s agreement recently executed between the two companies. According to the press release, SpaCapsule has become the massage and slimming equipment of choice for the franchise, leading to expectations that the company will see an almost immediate increase in short term sales by fulfilling anticipated oncoming orders from the growing women’s health club and weight loss center.

Dr. Ilya Spivak, marketing director and co-founder, stated, “Other women’s fitness franchises I’m sure have now taken notice of the SpaCapsule. Why? Because the undisputable weight loss and cellulite reduction benefits the SpaCapsule offers, may quite possibly and ultimately, translate into a major competitive equalizer for a smaller but quickly growing woman’s health and fitness franchise such as Elements Diet and Fitness. It would not be surprising to see a regional women’s only gyms such as Lucille Roberts, or even an international women fitness franchise such as Curves, add the SpaCapsule to their fitness regimens.”

With locations found across the U.S. as well as Mexico and Canada, the preferred vendor agreement entitles Elements Diet and Fitness to place SpaCapsule units in each of their existing centers as well as all future locations. Management indicated that with the added ability to upsell services, Elements can now create an additional revenue stream for franchisees and offer added benefits to customers.

Simulated Environment Concepts has already proven interest within the fitness center arena multiple times with sales to Lady Fitness-France, BodySmart-Ireland and Elements Diet and Fitness-USA, just to name a few. As interest in its flagship product climbs, Simulated Environment Concepts anticipates being able to significantly capitalize on its aesthetic medical device’s weight loss and cellulite reduction attributes to continue securing vendor agreements globally.

Dr. Spivak concluded, “The Fitness Franchise market overall is comprised of tens of thousands of gyms and fitness centers worldwide. If the question is, ‘can we penetrate the fitness franchise market?’ The answer is, ‘Absolutely, we’ve already begun!”

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