“My first day in business was phenomenal! The minute we opened we started making money. I’ve never seen anything like this!”

What they’re talking about is, according to SE Concepts, the most powerful business tool in any business. Specifically, they’re describing the use of SpaCapsule®, the company’s all-in-one water massage and sensory stimulation system, as a source for making money. Testimonials, as we all know, are a dime a dozen, but SE Concepts insists that the above is the most typical testimony you will hear from all the owners of the Mall Retail-Kiosk Business, one of the company’s programs for setting up entrepreneurs in their own business selling SpaCapsule services to the public.

Variations of the concept include:

• Relax Oasis, which offers a SpaCapsule massage together with wellness and spa related products
• SpaCapsule Inline Store, a store outfitted with products and equipment to address the needs of stressed-out shoppers
• Traveler’s Relaxation Center, a unique airport concept helping weary and delayed passengers relax

The key behind the system’s appeal is the fact that anybody can do it. The sophistication of SpaCapsule, integrating the world’s most advanced hydro massage with visual and audio stimulation and even aroma therapy, is all programmed within the system, making it so easy to set up and operate that money is generated the very first day. Underpinning it all is the level of support provided by SE Concepts, ensuring that all questions are answered and all problems are resolved. The company has firmly pegged its own success to the success of its entrepreneur and distributor base.

In addition, there is little question of the need for the final product. There are few aspects of modern life that people don’t find stressful, and SpaCapsule addresses that growing need in the most comprehensive and affordable way available. Add to this the number of people and small businesses out there that are anxious to generate income and the potential becomes obvious.

For more information, visit www.SpaCapsule.com and their corporate website at www.SECCorporation.com

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