Allen Licht, the Chief Operating Officer of Simulated Environment Concepts, recently sat down for an interview with OTC Voice. SE Concepts is the maker of SpaCapsule, an all-in-one water massage and sensory stimulation system. The interview touched on some of the current and new markets in which SpaCapsule is finding acceptance, and the direction the company is now headed.

The first thing made clear in the interview is the growing breadth of the SpaCapsule market. Although the name suggests a spa orientation, SpaCapsule is being embraced by many diverse industries. Spas, to be sure, have been a successful market for the company, but SpaCapsule is now being used by corporations for their employees, by hotels for guests, by health and fitness clubs, tanning salons, chiropractors, physical therapists, orthopedic surgeons, and even plastic surgeons. The company has also begun developing mobile spa units, truck-mounted for transport to events. And, of course, there are individual users all over the world who have found it worth the investment to have their very own SpaCapsule. SpaCapsule is already found in over 30 countries around the world.

One of the key points made was the acceptance of SpaCapsule in the medical market. SpaCapsule was created, and the company is led, by doctors, specifically to address the needs of patients with pain and stress issues. Fibromyalgia patients, for example, benefit from SpaCapsule’s ability to relieve pain for which there are few alternative treatments. The AARP recently did a feature on SpaCapsule from the medical standpoint, for rehabilitation and pain management.

Overall demand has been helped by growing media exposure for SpaCapsule and SE Concepts, including stories on NBC, CBS, ABC, and in the NY Times. And now the company is moving aggressively into weight-loss, based upon independent studies showing SpaCapsule’s unique weight and cellulite reduction capabilities, a market that could exceed all the others.

Another point made is how the company is setting the foundation for listing on a higher exchange. SE Concepts is a fully compliant company, current with all quarterly and annual reports, but has engaged a known and reputable auditing firm to audit financials. The move is an important step in transitioning to a higher listing.

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