SpaCapsule, the flagship product of SE Concepts, may be the first product anywhere to fully encapsulate the idea behind a growing trend, what the company calls the Retail Relaxation Marketplace. SpaCapsule is the world’s foremost high-tech stress relief system, incorporating programmable water massage, audio/video stimulation, and aroma therapy, into a single self-contained unit. The product’s name is no accident. It is indeed like having a spa in a capsule.

The company is quick to note that this isn’t just about a great new product. It’s about a movement that SpaCapsule is riding to every corner of the globe. It’s the growing demand for stress relief and relaxation, a little bit of peace to counter the unnerving effects of daily pressures. They point to the growing list of new businesses that are capitalizing on this trend, at individual or multiple locations, a handful of which are listed below.

- RelaxOasis
- UrbanOasis
- Destination Relaxation
- Polished Spa
- Jet Setter Mini Spa
- Hilton Health Club & Spa
- D-parture Spa
- Molton Brown Travel Spa
- Oasis Day Spa
- XpressSpa

In some cases there are multiple retail spas in a single airport. The Retail Relaxation Market is one of the hottest new demand opportunities out there, and it is happening all over the world. As the industry develops, it will drive up the price of qualified people and physical locations. One of the major advantages that SpaCapsule has is that it doesn’t require qualified staff. A single individual, with virtually no training, can operate and profit from SpaCapsule. And it takes up very little space, minimizing costs. It requires no special plumbing or electrical service, and can generate revenue from the very first hour.

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