The story of Simulated Environment Concepts Inc., makers of the futuristic SpaCapsule water massage and therapy system, is about more than just the development of an innovative massage machine. It’s about the effect this system has had on the lives of people, including the inventors.

Ilya Spivak and Ella Frenkel, both licensed chiropractors, shared a successful practice in Philadelphia. When they decided to move their practice to a warmer climate in Florida, they had to deal with the fact that their Pennsylvania licenses were not valid there, meaning they would have to spend a lot of time and money going back to school. This was especially troubling for Frenkel, the mother of three small children. They decided to explore other business opportunities, using seed money from savings and family.

They knew that water massage had been effective in their practice, but also knew that it had a far greater potential. After a lot of work, they introduced the first SpaCapsule in 2001, receiving two patents on the system the following year.

What they had created was no less than a ground-breaking personal environment system, combining an advanced, computer-driven water massage, with visual and sound stimulation, and even a sophisticated aroma therapy element.

But they also knew that, with all of its advances, the system had to be simple to install and operate, not only for entrepreneurs looking for an income source, but for individual personal users. The result was a self-contained unit that runs on conventional power sources, with no plumbing, and requiring very little training to operate. It meant that any user could enjoy the benefits immediately and businesses could generate income from the very first day.

For Spivak and Frenkel, it has changed their lives. By 2007 they were posting $3.7 million in sales, with distributors in 27 countries. SpaCapsule is selling to chiropractors, tanning salons, and even corporations that simply want to de-stress employees for improved health and productivity. In fact, the inventors themselves regularly use the system, as do their own employees. People from all over the world are now praising SpaCapsule for its remarkable convenience and ability to relax.

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