Perhaps the single greatest factor behind the growing success of Simulated Environment Concepts and their flagship product, the SpaCapsule® hydro-massage and personal sensory system, is their willingness to think on a global scale. Their aggressive marketing to consumers, businesses, and distributors on a worldwide basis has made the company successful from the very start, with new markets opening up every year. SE Concepts enjoys worldwide marketing and advertisement of SpaCapsule, with the product being featured on national TV shows in the U.S. and around the world. The exposure is considered critical to SpaCapsule’s success, showing people its unique combination of full body massage, audio/video stimulation, and aroma therapy.

One recent example is their teaming up with leading European fitness franchise, Zen & O, in a multi-million dollar 4 year contract. Zen & O operates franchises for Lady Fitness and other retail outlets throughout France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and Spain, and wants to make SpaCapsule the centerpiece of its Lady Fitness operations. An important aspect to the arrangement is that SpaCapsule will be replacing Aqua Massage units, the primary competitor of SE Concepts. Associated SpaCapsule sales are already exceeding expectations.

SpaCapsule is also being promoted on the worldwide corporate front, with an increasing number of companies installing the system as a cost-effective employee benefit for fitness and stress relief, such as Hyland Software, a 900-employee global software development company.

In addition, SpaCapsule has shown itself to be a multi-market product wherever it goes, for spas, tanning salons, fitness centers, airports, medical offices, as well as private homes. It is now even entering the weight-loss market, based upon new studies suggesting the system’s ability to enhance circulation and trimness.

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