Simulated Environment Concepts Inc. is the manufacturer of the award-winning, most advanced self-contained relaxation device in existence – the SpaCapsule. The SpaCapsule consists of a unique combination of aromatherapy and audiovisual relaxation techniques coupled with dry-water massage using the company’s proprietary Pressure-Jet technology.

The company’s SpaCapsule is designed to be easily set up, used and maintained. It is built with long-lasting quality. The SpaCapsule also has an unprecedented warranty period in comparison to other commercial equipment. The warranty begins from the day of installation and extends for a full two years.

And speaking of installation…the minute an order is placed for SpaCapsule, the company goes to work to make sure the delivery process is smooth and easy. The company has contracted with logistics company, Hellman Worldwide Logistics, to arrange for delivery. Once the SpaCapsule arrives at its destination, Simulated Environment Concepts’ technical team will meet the shipment, arrange for local delivery and install the SpaCapsule in the customer’s home or business. A company technician will then perform the installation and explain to the customer all of the SpaCapsule’s features and benefits.

Once the SpaCapsule is installed, the customer will have little to worry about. Its 100 percent fiberglass construction means 100 percent ease of maintenance. No rust or degradation will ever affect the SpaCapsule. A completely closed, re-circulated water system in the SpaCapsule requires minimal maintenance. The SpaCapsule requires only general cleaning and occasional water level maintenance. With such ease of use for the SpaCapsule, it’s no wonder that Simulated Environment Concepts is quickly becoming a successful company with a global reach.

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