Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc. shows continued dedication to the sort of entrepreneurial spirit, hard work and integrity that has made them the most recognized name in on-demand relaxation systems.

With products like their incredibly well-received SpaCapsule®, which sets a new standard in massage therapy by uniquely fusing ancient healing techniques like aromatherapy and modern audio visual (AV) stimulation, the Company is aimed toward a future whose success is limited only by their ability to expand product recognition.

Since extensive test marketing research done as far back as 97, the Company has steadily grown and developed into the wellness dynamo it is today, able to seat its flagship product in the most exclusive of European, US and global health centers, beauty salons, and malls, as well as receiving preferential selection by the planet’s top offices and homes.

President and CEO of SMEV, Dr. Ella Frenkel, alongside co-founder Dr. Ilya Spivak, have together used their advanced knowledge of human physiology and biomechanics – delivered as an on-the-go, express, full-spectrum relaxation device – to serve the growing demands of our fast-paced, industrially advanced civilization via an esthetically pleasing and tranquilizing automated system.

Such systems, it was noted by the two doctors, can quickly become a vital necessity to the individual, helping to soothe and nurture their life’s work and empowering them to become more successful.

And so, teaming with a group of engineers previously designing systems for world-class automaker Mercedes-Benz, the idea of an efficient, self-contained and full spectrum approach to on-demand relaxation was born in the year 2000, with the introduction of the computer automated, capsule-shaped relaxation station the Company calls the SpaCapsule®.

Reaching a status of worldwide market presence, and the capacity for full production in only 2 years after construction of the initial prototype, SMEV achieved patents in 2002 (successfully defended in 2004) and in 2005 – the same year in which the Company doubled the manufacturer’s warranty to two years and designed the SpaCapsule® Anywhere™ product, a 110-volt version targeted at home and offices.

Constant R&D by this team of technology-focused engineers, who can only be described as driven, is leading to constant innovation in the product line and in the way that Simulated Environment skillfully markets itself on the global stage. Keep the company on your radar as it continues to push forward with strategic marketing and rapid growth strategies.

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