Simulated Environment Concepts Inc. is a company best known for its SpaCapsule, a unique, award-winning relaxation machine. The SpaCapsule is a unique fusion of modern technology and ancient methods of healing, combining hydro-massage, aromatherapy and audio/visual stimulation.

The company’s executive team is committed to providing their customers with the highest quality and most cost-effective relaxation equipment that improves people’s lives. The three members of Simulated Environment Concepts executive team are:

Dr. Ella Frenkel, CEO and President

After receiving her undergraduate degree from Temple University, Dr. Frenkel went on to become a licensed doctor of chiropractic in 1989 and practiced chiropractic in the state of Pennsylvania for nine years. Due to her successful management style, Dr. Frenkel was able to fuse medical and chiropractic fields to consistently gross $1.2-$1.5 million annually. Since 1996, she has been closely involved with the development and implementation of a new and exciting, rapidly-growing concept of “relaxation with dry-water-massage” and SpaCapsule.

Dr. Ilya Spivak, Product Development

Dr. Spivak, an inventor, is the company’s product development supervisor. As a successful chiropractor, he has assisted many manufacturers in improving their products. Dr. Spivak has always been on the cutting edge of technology with innovations and ideas and his lifelong dream came true with the successful invention of the SpaCapsule, a leader in today’s marketplace. His business savvy has attracted sufficient capital to fund research and development, tooling, production and worldwide distribution channels.

Allen Licht, Project Management

Mr. Licht is the project manager responsible for overseeing every aspect of the manufacturing process. He is regarded as an expert in implementing new manufacturing techniques and continuously seeks improvement in the design and quality of the company’s manufacturing processes and the company’s overall quality control. In addition, Mr. Licht significantly contributed to the design and patent of the SpaCapsule.

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