SpaCapsule®, the flagship product of Simulated Environment Concepts, has spread around the world based primarily upon its singular mix of features and broad market appeal. The system offers a distinctive and integrated blend of full body massage, aroma-therapy, audio and video stimulation. Its uniqueness is defined and protected under two U.S. patents, as well as Canadian, Japanese, and European patents, with a third U.S. patent currently in the works. The newest patent, once granted, will extend SpaCapsule’s patent life from 15 to 35 years, and the company intends yet additional filings.

SpaCapsule combines waterjet and pressure-jet technology which requires no on-site plumbing and only standard electrical service. The fully self-contained system is surprisingly easy to set up and use, in spite of a rich selection of variables, with a sophisticated computer control system doing most of the work. The result is an almost unlimited potential for customized input, eliciting a wide range of physiological effects.

From a market standpoint, massage therapy generally aims at a young upscale adult demographic, but traditional massage therapy is considered by many potential users to be too expensive, time consuming, and physically intrusive to be appealing. SpaCapsule addresses all of these limitations, engaging a whole new segment of the marketplace. This in turn opens the door to small and large businesses seeking to significantly augment their service offerings, including spas, hotels, resorts, medical offices, and general retail environments such as malls. It’s a market orientation that makes SpaCapsule a serious business investment, and not just an attractive consumable.

With recent studies suggesting SpaCapsule’s health and weight loss benefits, the market expands even more dramatically, perhaps exceeding all previous markets combined. Findings like these are especially important in the fitness industry, and the fact that SE Concepts has teamed up with Zen & O, a leading European fitness franchise, is no surprise. The company has already reported sales exceeding expectations.

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