Simulated Environment Concepts Inc. is more than just the maker of SpaCapsule®, the world’s most advanced self-contained massage and wellness system. The company is better viewed as one of the world’s most efficient business developers. That’s because their real strength is the ability to set people up in a business that is profitable from day one, without the outlandish investment in time and money required by most businesses. In addition, SpaCapsule easily integrates into existing businesses, like spas, hotels, doctors’ offices, and even companies that are just looking for a perk to offer valued employees.

An offering like that is golden in today’s economy, and is one of the reasons that the company has already grown far beyond its base in Florida. Letting others share in the rewards of this much-in-demand product has helped drive orders in countries around the world. They’ve developed a program that shows budding entrepreneurs and existing business owners just how easy it is to use SpaCapsule to generate continuous income.

The automated massage and sensory system appeals to a huge general market. The water-jet and pressure-producing technology, combined with audio, visual, and even aroma therapy input, is unmatched by anyone. With SpaCapsule, people can start up their own business, profitable from the very first day, or significantly augment their existing business income. Some have opened specialized lifestyle centers, called SpaCapsule Inline Retail Stores, outfitted with products ranging from juice bars to oxygen bars, lounge chairs, massage chairs, wireless Internet, coffee and croissants.

But perhaps the single most important quality of SpaCapsule is that it takes absolutely no experience or technical knowledge to set up and operate. You just plug it in and start generating income.

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