Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc., makers of the SpaCapsule® self-contained relaxation system, offers entrepreneurs what has to be one of the simplest ways to instantly get into a profitable business or to expand an existing business. People around the country are discovering that they can make money from the very first day by just purchasing one or more SpaCapsules and offering the system’s one-of-a-kind massage experience to an increasing number of eager customers.

SpaCapsules are turning up in shopping malls, airports, hotels – almost anywhere the mass public can be reached. There seems to be no specific demographic, meaning that the market is wide open. Special lifestyle centers, called SpaCapsule Inline Retail Stores, are being opened, outfitted with products ranging from juice bars to oxygen bars, lounge chairs, massage chairs, wireless Internet, coffee and croissants. Furthermore, a variety of existing businesses are bringing in SpaCapsules to augment their operations, almost instantly increasing their bottom line. It’s even showing up in doctors’ offices, which is perhaps no surprise since the system was actually invented by a doctor.

SpaCapsule is no ordinary water massage. It combines advanced programmable massage therapy with a wide range of optional audio, visual, and even aroma inputs, to create an experience that people report as being both relaxing and stimulating. Anyone that is looking for a safe, healthy, easy, and fun approach to stress relief (which means just about everyone) can now get it with SpaCapsule. It’s fast becoming the spa for the masses.

But, from a business standpoint, the single most important quality of SpaCapsule is that it takes absolutely no experience or technical knowledge to set up and operate. You just plug it in and start making money. SpaCapsule has a wow-factor that simply attracts customers. And these days, attracting customers is the hardest part of any business.

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