Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc.,, developed the SpaCapsule® as a full-spectrum relaxation, massage, aroma-therapy, weight loss, cellulite reducing and AV immersion suite (with sacred geometry-based visualization and custom ambient audio programs from LightSOURCE), but the first time I saw it, I thought someone had traveled back in time with a personal holodeck from Star Trek.

When my bemusement faded, I realized that not only was this the most sophisticated computer-controlled simulation of massage (via the SMEV’s proprietary Secret Pulse-Jet Technology™), but that this amazingly comprehensive relaxation system was able to act as a vending machine, complete with extensibility options for remote point of sale using SMEV’s T-Max System or a local currency and/or token-based acceptor (which the company can also pre-install).

This is an ideal addition to many retail businesses, constituting an attractive and futuristic-looking draw that is small enough (9’6” long, 7’ high fully-opened, 35.5” wide) to accommodate nearly any floor plan, but also features self-contained plumbing and an intuitive computer controlled interface that allows for optimal client-configurability.

The SpaCapsule even lets users hook up their own devices (like an iPod) for audio and visual media, making the system an attention-grabber whether the business is an upscale salon, tanning studio, fitness center, or even just an average retail location that wants to bring in more clientele who can enjoy a luxury spa experience within an on-the-go timeframe, for a fraction of the cost, without taking off a stitch of clothing, and in a more complete and full body-relaxing fashion that soothes all the senses at once, not just some muscles and other tissue systems.

SMEV knows a trick or two when it comes to marketing a business successfully. Other than providing clients with an amazingly futuristic system that grabs additional business, and proving again and again that the Company is committed to their stated policy – “No delivery was ever complete unless our company provided the ultimate in customer satisfaction” – by creating a client-interactive and uniquely diverse corporate culture, SMEV also provides training, branding and image marketing services which can help a business establish its market persona more effectively, driving success to new heights through tighter consumer bonding.

Far more than mere aquamed, dry-water or hydro-massage equipment, the SpaCapsule is a disquietude decontamination chamber that rejuvenates the mind, body and spirit – relieving stress, anxiety and tension which promotes overall health while boosting mood and alertness, helping the mind to grasp at new insights, and inspiring new ideas like a virtual oasis amid the harsh desert of contemporary existence.

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