SpaCapsule, the much talked about water massage and therapy system put out by Simulated Environment Concepts Inc., is starting to be viewed as more than just a revolutionary personal escape and de-stressing product. It’s being seen by many small businesses as something of a financial lifeline.

These days, as consumer discretionary spending continues to dry up, service companies that are dependent upon a single line of income, offering a single service to their customers, are watching their bottom lines dwindle. In some cases, even the slightest economic ripple can put them under, simply because they have nothing else going for them. As a result, they are looking, sometimes desperately, for some new way to augment their business.

The tanning industry is a good example. Just at the time that people have less and less money to spend on the indulgence of a nice tan, state legislatures and healthcare practitioners around the country are starting to put pressure on the industry. It’s a double whammy for many of these small businesses, most of whom don’t have a big bank account to weather the storm. For them, SpaCapsule offers a natural way to capture more of the diminishing indulgence market, keeping them alive, and even robust, during the economic hurricane.

One of the reasons that SpaCapsule seems such an ideal solution for tanning and other small businesses is that it perfectly suits the times. As a self-contained water massage, aromatherapy, audio/visual relaxation unit, SpaCapsule, above all else, provides an unmatched escape and stress relief. During such emotionally challenging times, it’s the one indulgence that consumers seem willing to spend money on. For an increasing number of small service businesses, SpaCapsule represents some much needed financial relief.

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