Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc. is unique in its offering of SpaCapsule®, the only device on the market that addresses both body and mind issues, which are the most frequent complaint of the working public. Stress and musculoskeletal problems are the most commonly reported factors associated with work related illness. These are both major issues, accounting for untold physical and emotional anguish, affecting work performance and satisfaction as well as personal relationships.

Stress alone is believed to affect nearly 20 million Americans, with stress levels having increased substantially in children, teenagers, and the elderly. A simple Google search on the word “stress” reveals the overwhelming size of the market for stress related treatments.

This, of course, opens up a tremendous market opportunity for anyone offering an effective tool for stress and body therapy, which is just what SpaCapsule represents. Doctors’ offices, clinics, spas, hotels, and just about any place people go to deal with workplace pressures and related ailments are natural targets for SpaCapsule. It’s a safe, new, cost effective source of income for the operator, and a successful holistic treatment approach for the user. The worldwide potential is enormous.

SpaCapsule combines a sophisticated water massage with carefully controlled audio, visual, and even aroma inputs, all in a single programmable experience. Invented by a chiropractor, SpaCapsule’s therapeutic massage addresses a variety of common physical complaints, such as muscle aches, joint pain, and poor circulation.

But the system goes far beyond that, using audio/visual stimuli and aroma therapy to treat stress and anxiety. And everything is adjustable, controlled by an internal computer, enabling a range of overall effects depending upon the need. This means that doctors, for example, can customize the treatment for every patient, greatly enhancing the system’s value. And the operator doesn’t even require special training, reducing associated costs.

For Simulated Environment Concepts, as well as for users, it’s the perfect product.

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