Most companies have mission statements that are supposed to help keep employees focused on the values of the original founder(s). Over time, however, they often end up as little more than words hanging on conference room walls, or on a reference page of the company website. But Simulated Environment Concepts Inc. sees itself as having been successful based almost exclusively on the passion and determination of its people. That passion is to bring what they see as the most progressive and ergonomically sound relaxation device in existence, their space-age-shaped relaxation station – the SpaCapsule®, to every single corner of the world.

A key part of that vision is to build a global network of dedicated entrepreneurs, offering the unmatched de-stressing benefits of SpaCapsule to harried businessmen and women, rushed consumers, people with back and muscle aches, and essentially anybody who needs some quick and inexpensive physical and emotional relief.

It was this realization, the idea that more and more on-the-go people require a service that can do the seemingly impossible – relaxation and distressing, but in a quick, automated, and cost effective way – inspired Dr. Ella Frenkel and Dr. Ilya Spival to create SpaCapsule. These two highly motivated doctors, experts in human physiology and biomechanics, joined forces with a team of electronic engineers who formerly worked with Mercedes Benz Corp. It was the hard work of this team, together with their unstoppable commitment, that ultimately produced SpaCapsule, a state-of-the-art, computer driven system, providing a sophisticated integration of sight, hearing, smell, and touch, that almost instantly takes the user to another state of being.

First of all, SpaCapsule uses the secret of Pressure-Jet Technology™ to produce the most realistic massage experience available from an automated system. To this is added a complex and programmable combination of sensory experiences, to produce an unbelievable overall sensory experience. Every component is custom engineered, and the technologies involved are supported by patents.

But the key to all this is that it has taken years of intense effort, by a team of people that have devoted their lives to developing, and now distributing, this miracle of relaxation technology. And it’s this passion and dedication that they’re now bringing to users and vendors around the world.

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