Seasoned provider of spa technology, Simulated Environment Concepts Inc. (“SEC”) is excited to announce their plans for future development and growth in the public market. Following a minor setback, SEC has emerged more hopeful and excited than ever to expand and continue their business as one of the most innovative and successful in the industry. Recently, sales of their patented SpaCapsule product have brought increased revenue and notoriety to the company. SpaCapsule, a stylish, capsule shaped relaxation station, edges out other competitors’ products in its functional and aesthetic design.

The SpaCapusle technology that SEC is promoting provides a unique way to enjoy a relaxing spa experience without the matching expensive prices or amenities. It is a full body massage, aroma-therapy, and audio and video entertainment system contained in one capsule-shaped machine that weighs around 5,000 pounds. The system can operate in any area with enough space, and has been featured in “spa type” environment.

Although the technology has been patented in the past, a new patent has extended its like from 15 to 35 years, thereby increasing the product’s potential and marketing opportunities. Previously, SpaCapsule appealed to affluent 25-35 year olds interested in upscale spa products, but the innovative technology can attract users who are less willing to pay for an expensive massage, who have hectic schedules, and who desire greater control over their own experience. SpaCapsule’s form and function ideas can easily integrate into any type of business, from spas to nursing homes, and everything in between; the company prides itself on its product’s versatility.

SEC’s SpaCapsule technology exists in a market with several competitors; the company acknowledges its competition and proudly champions the services that SpaCapsule provides that others cannot. Three major areas that SEC emphasizes are its aesthetic exterior design, technology and patents, and seamless delivery of amenities. For example, the company offers user-friendly design options such as individual color choice. In terms of technology, SpaCapsule uses a unique “dual-barrier” against the water used in the machine, eliminating the potential for breakage or disrepair.

These factors have all contributed to a drastic increase in sales and revenue for the company. SEC anticipates progressive and consistent growth over the next six years. By launching into a consumer market focused on de-stressing, weight loss, and massage/physical rehabilitations, SEC “determines that the company will be in a much better position to experience substantial and explosive growth potential worldwide.”