The history of many developing companies is short and sporadic, with little to give investors a meaningful idea of management abilities or resolve. This is clearly not the case with Simulated Environment Concepts, developer of health and wellness products used in medical offices, heath clubs, spas, salons, hotels, retail malls, and homes.

Initial market evaluation for the company’s flagship product, SpaCapsule®, took place in 1997, well before its first patent was granted in 2002. Since then, the company’s progress has been a model of carefully planned expansion, with a regular string of successes. Today SpaCapsule, a one-of-a-kind integrated sensory environment and hydro-massage system, is steadily increasing its global presence.

SE Concepts was founded, and is still directed, by a team of doctors, Dr. Ella Frenkel (President and CEO) and Dr. Ilya Spivak (Product Development & Marketing). The fact that SpaCapsule is the only system of its kind actually designed by doctors, in conjunction with engineers who had worked at such prestigious companies as Mercedes-Benz and Stingray Boats, is a major differentiating factor. The development of the company from its first patent shows a well-established record of achievement, even in the face of rough economic times.

• August 2002 – Granted first U.S. patent (#6,428,466)
• August 2004 – Successfully defended its patent in U.S. Federal Court
• December 2004 – Achieved full production and worldwide presence in only three years
• July 2005 – Granted second U.S. patent
• August 2005 – First in the industry to increase manufacturer’s warranty from 1 to 2 years
• December 2005 – Introduced first standard voltage “use anywhere” version of SpaCapsule
• December 2005 – Realized first net profit within first three years of formal operations
• October 2006 – Launched SpaCapsule Business Solution System for successful business use
• January 2007 – SpaCapsule wins Leisure Trend Award for “Most Original Profit Center”
• January 2008 – SpaCapsule becomes first to successfully penetrate Tanning Salon Market
• August 2009 – SpaCapsule makes major foray into European and Middle Eastern markets
• January 2010 – Signed contract with Zen & O, leading European fitness franchise

Since then, SE Concepts has made significant inroads into the health and weight loss markets, based upon the results of clinical research studies for SpaCapsule. In addition, the company has reported dramatic international success introducing their products, with sales exceeding expectations.

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