Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc. is a Florida based company that has found success in the skyrocketing growth of massage therapy. Not the massage provided by a massage therapist, but rather the kind provided by those increasingly popular high-tech water-based massage capsules you see popping up everywhere. But Simulated Environment has gone further with the introduction of its SpaCapsule®, an advanced self-contained full body massage system with a number of innovative features.

Invented by a chiropractor, the SpaCapsule offers far more than just a standard water jet massage. Its 9’ x 3’ futuristic shell contains a unique fusion of modern technology and ancient healing methods, combining carefully controlled water massage, audiovisual relaxation tools, and even aromatherapy, designed to seriously enhance the user’s quality of life. Therapeutic massage is especially effective in addressing painful and stiff joints, muscle tension and pain, poor circulation, and problems caused by the inability to exercise. Today, these are increasingly common problems, and they are only one reason that SpaCapsule has already been shipped to clients all over the world.

In spite of the sophistication of the system, the company is quick to point out that it’s a breeze to set up and operate, requiring no special plumbing or electrical service. All of the magic is built in. This makes it easy for end users (anyone can purchase a unit directly from the company website at, but also for small business operators that use the system in their spas, chiropractor offices, hotels, and (yes) in shopping malls. The system has proven itself to be a money maker, which has further fueled demand.

The product’s integrated audio/video system allows the user to complete the circle of total relaxation and sensory stimulation. The user is given a wide choice of programs, depending upon the effect they want to achieve, from relaxation to enhanced brainstorming.

Below are some of SpaCapsule’s many features which have made it a top of the line solution in the marketplace.

• No plumbing, drainage or water hook-up required
• Compact / Ergonomic Award Winning Design
• Secret Pulse-Jet Technology™
• The User remains clothed and dry
• Built-in Multilanguage, Touch-Screen Computer Control
• Built-in Accounting and Usage Module
• Custom Color Availability
• Built-in Audio and Video System
• Built-in Computer Controlled Aromatherapy Module
• T-Max Compatible (100%)
• Closed Water System
• Choice of Voltage – from 100 v to 240 v
• Can be Operated anywhere in the World
• Invented and Tested by Doctors
• Easy and Low Maintenance Requirements
• Computer Diagnostic / Repair System
• Built to UL Standards, and easily passes the field testing by ETL and TUV America

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